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Arrive OnePoint Cognitive Open Framework

People and Spaces as a connected managed platform

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Business leaders are making the connection between smarter space management practices and better corporate financial performance. Most companies are aware of wasteful, ineffective and expensive facility, asset and occupancy management efforts, but aren't sure how to eliminate them.

Technology has evolved to make Internet of Things viable for every enterprise. Sensors and their connectivity are cheap and easy to deploy, and analytics have evolved to become cognitive. The problem is that there are so many disparate proprietary pieces of hardware and software that don’t seamlessly work together.

What if an AI-IOT integration platform could tie your space investment to your most important asset - people?

Arrive OnePoint helps enterprises make sense of data to optimize operations. Rethink products and services to discover new revenue models. Transform the customer experience. And manage enterprise assets and facilities more efficiently and productively.



What are the applications?
Arrive OnePoint’s suite of applications and tools meet the need of your facility.
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  • Powerfully enhance operational efficiencies, disrupt business, deliver unprecedented innovation.
  • As the number of connected devices grows from billions to hundreds of billions, the need for a cognitive framework becomes critical in the management of physical and virtual spaces and connecting them to people. Arrive OnePoint is a cognitive AI-IoT framework that can help improve space, asset and productivity management and unlock new value.
  • By learning from the physical world, Arrive OnePoint helps you rapidly unlock value from the untapped data from devices and assets across your network. And as you do this discovery, there are no limits to what you can achieve.



What differentiates Arrive OnePoint?

The Arrive OnePoint platform provides a zero-code development for software applications, enabling a seamless integration between field devices and cloud services. It dramatically reduces the time and cost of solutions development and integration, allowing local data processing and reliable cross-communication between devices, systems, networks and services, as a universal and scalable solution for the Internet of Things.



Arrive OnePoint Managed framework enables:
Connect Everything


Easy Configuration


Fast Solution Deployment


Device Management
in the IoT Ecosystem


Edgeless Scalability


Secure Data Communications


Reduce Engineering and Maintenance Costs


Future Proof


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