Why Technomics?

Upgrading and repurposing existing AV installations is the key market opportunity for ARRIVE partners. Some solid reasons to retrofit existing room AV technology are:

It is difficult for enterprise to retire existing AV installations en-masse. It is most likely that today’s large industry players will go into new or premiere spaces only in the first wave – the show and tell phase that will be 10% of the rooms.

What about the rest, the 90% of rooms? It may be because of:
  • Millennials moving in – they demand all spaces to be ready for the “new work culture”. Only few people left with the knowledge about the existing system, and with the ability to troubleshoot it and introduce changes.
  • High cost for removals and upgrades – reuse – repurpose existing rooms to tomorrow’s work practices is the better option than using “fork-lift” upgrades. More rooms done for Less Money is what Technomics brings to the table.

There are roughly 30-50 million1 huddle rooms in the world today. The total cost to upgrade a typical huddle room runs to thousands of dollars. With Technomics, upgrades can save customers between 58%-90% of a normal total cost.

Scenario: Huddle Rooms

How is big savings possible with Technomics? Arrive deploys solutions that offers:

Overall, customers using Technomics …

Save on costs

Enjoy less “stop time”

Gain from flexibility

Get shortest RoI

Planning to retrofit soon? Apply ARRIVE’s TechnomicsTM solution now, contact an ARRIVE sales representative or partner.