• Kiosk application that provides a comprehensive,single point of information for venue status and booking schedule
  • Indicates meeting start and end times, name of the venue, duration of meetings, and room availability status
  • Shows an optimum number of rows per page as a function of building size and floor levels
  • Easy and intuitive navigational controls between pages




InfoView is a kiosk application designed to show summary information on room schedules for a specific building. InfoView acts as a single point-of-information providing comprehensive meeting information for people entering a building.

  • Real-time meeting room information view on a high resolution display unit or on a dedicated kiosk.
  • Single point-of-information providing comprehensive venue schedule and booking status (Available/Reserved) in real-time.
  • Integrates completely with Arrive InfoPoint room scheduling signage system
  • Displays information in a simple, clear, and easy to read tabular format.
  • Preserves booking integrity only by displaying general meeting information like Room Name,Organizer, Meeting Duration,etc.
  • Flexibility in configuring integration with Arrive OnePoint Server and room schedule display information through intuitive user interface.
  • Displays categorized list of room schedules within the premises with respective current status on each room.
  • Accommodates multi-page display with timed transitions.
  • Direct access to room reservation with a single click against listed room.
  • Auto-refresh on room schedules at periodic intervals to give real-time experience.