Arrive Security Advisories, are provided to supplement Arrive Security Bulletins, and address security related matters that may not require a security bulletin but that may still affect customers’ overall security.

Arrive Security Advisories are a way for Arrive® to communicate security information to customers about issues that may not be classified as vulnerabilities and may not require a security bulletin.

Some examples of topics that security advisories discuss include the following:

  • Guidance and mitigations that may be applicable for publicly disclosed vulnerabilities.
  • Security enhancements or changes that are unrelated to security vulnerabilities.

Arrive® is committed to providing timely and prescriptive guidance. We encourage customers to provide feedback by completing the  Arrive Support Form.

Arrive® is a Microsoft® Gold Partner and enjoys the OEM and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) status. This offers our customers familiarity, confidence, quality in performance and reliability in the functioning of our products.  Many of our products are bundled with operating system (OS) and server software from Microsoft® Corporation. In doing so, the security and performance of the products becomes associated with software OS and server software offered by Microsoft® Corporation. For security guidance and support on Microsoft® bundled products we recommend you contact Microsoft Safety & Security Center.

Arrive is an Intel® Gold Partner and sources Intel® hardware and software products for use in the design and build of some of Arrive’s Hardware Platforms. This offers our customers confidence and quality in performance and reliability of our products. In doing so, the security and performance of some of Arrive’s products becomes associated with products offered by Intel®. For security guidance and support on Intel® products we recommend you contact Intel Product Security Center.

All security advisories on are displayed in chronological order, with the most recently updated advisory appearing at the top of the page.

ASA-12-002 Arrive® CloudPoint™ MPA 201 and Arrive® CloudPoint™ MPA 602HD-A with Windows 7 OS instances. Monday, August 13, 2012
ASA-12-001 Arrive® InfoPoint™ 101 – Windows XP Embedded OS instances. Monday, August 13, 2012

Disclaimer: Microsoft® is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and Intel® is the registered trademark of Intel.  Arrive Systems is the owner of the Arrive® Trade Mark and does not claim ownership or rights for of any of the other trademarks which belong to their respective owners.