• Room scheduling and signage software for 3rd party tablets
  • Works standalone for single room installations using Google Apps/Outlook/Ofc365
  • Works in centrally managed mode with Arrive OnePoint Server using MS Outlook/Of365/Exchange for enterprise type, multiple room installations
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The Arrive InfoPoint™ 2.0 software is a room booking and signage application for 3rd party tablets. It provides excellent value as a feature packed software that works Solo (standalone mode), or as a client to a central management server console, the Arrive OnePoint Server platform. It provides simple, scalable ways to book rooms from a calendar client, a web client or on device, for a single room to enterprise-wide multiple venues in different locations

Arrive InfoPoint Web Client (on premise and paired with Arrive OnePoint Server) – booking can be done by designated administrator/s within the Arrive OnePoint calendar and can schedule multiple rooms in various locations, publish signage, manage users, security, settings, etc.

MS Exchange™ (for on premise) – where booking can be done via MS Outlook’s calendar/meeting function, and sync with multiple users/locations, etc.

Ofc365™ – where booking can be done anywhere, anytime via the calendar/meeting function integrated with MS Outlook on the cloud.

Google™ Calendar app (for hosted/cloud accounts) – recommended for single room, standalone deployments if not using Ofc365 or Exchange accounts. Anyone with a Gmail account (and thus, access to Google’s Calendar app) can use Arrive InfoPoint.


Centrally Managed Arrive InfoPoint

Arrive InfoPoint Solo

Room Booking and Display From MS Exchange/Ofc365/Google Calendar/InfoPoint web client/On-device From MS Exchange/Ofc 365/Google Calendar/On-device
Displays all related  meeting room booking information including: Time/Date/Venue/Organizer/Timeline/Calendar weekly, daily, monthly   view/Remaining time/Extend Booking/Quick Pick Ad Hook Booking/etc.
Reporting and Analytics Provides report and analytics for:


  • Venue Utilization (Monthly or Daily)
  • Missed vs. Attended bookings
  • Device Issue Statistics
  • Time-to-Resolution of reported devices
Digital Signage Supports display of images and video; Emergency and Warning notifications Not Applicable
Branding Yes; displays logo of organization on home screen
Line Announcement Yes; displays text based announcements on home screen
Check-in/Auto bump Yes, for no-show management; allows modification of time allowed to check in
Weather Yes; displays weather information using online weather site
Room Device Issue Management Yes; devices can be selected from a prebuilt listing and assigned to rooms. Users can report malfunctioning devices; displays alert icons of reported devices, emails admin for resolution.
Integrate with other Arrive products Yes, integrate with Arrive InfoView App and Arrive FacePoint collaboration solution Not Applicable
  • ArriveOnePoint IOT Platform Server in case Server mode is required – purchased separately
    – Plug & Play ready when connected to Arrive OnePoint IOT Platform Server
  • Robust PoE network signal access with access to EM Server and Microsoft Exchange / Office 365