Arrive offers several collaboration devices and other peripherals to enhance video conference and collaboration experience. This includes  full HD USB cameras, USB microphones, video capture bridges, and full HD collaboration displays.


The  Arrive EyePoint™  cameras come from a family of USB 3.0 superspeed HD cameras that offer unparalleled clarity and resolution for a host of applications, irrespective of room sizes and light conditions. They are ideal solutions for video conferencing, distance learning, training, meeting, courtroom and any other application that involves high-quality color video camera with the flexibility of remote operations. The small form factor coupled with easy installation requirements make them an ace solution for video capturing requirements.


Arrive MediaBridge™ (AHD-CAP-1010) is an HD video capture system compatible with all Arrive EdgelessMedia® processors that are not equipped with internal HD video capture system hardware. It provides immense flexibility in managing video capture needs from connected devices in meeting rooms, classrooms and conference rooms. When used with compatible Arrive EdgelessMedia® hardware, the Arrive MediaBridge™  video capture system’s external module is able to respond to the video management controls on Arrive ControlPoint™ consoles.

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